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JCP Registration

It is the stated policy of the US Department of Defense to purchase as much as possible form US based or Canadian based companies. Accordingly, the DOD established the JCP program in 1985. It allows US and Canadian companies to submit proof of location and intent to the program and, if approved be granted JCP registration.

Although there are numerous items bought by DOD for which the specification/drawings to manufacture are available to anyone, there is another class of items for which the information is considered by the DOD to be CUI (Controlled Unclassified Information). The DOD considers it critical that they keep the supply chain for these items within the US and Canada.

Registration for JCP is free and accomplished by submitting several forms and following the process outlined below and in this DLA directive

Here are the steps required to get your JCP certification:

  1. DD2345 - Complete this form. This is a one-page form that is relatively simple to complete. Download the form (Form DD2345 ), print it, fill it out and sign it. Instructions are available on the second page of the DD2345 and in detail in the DLA Specific Instructions here

    NOTE: Pay particular attention to Block 4-Description of Relevant Business Activity. In this section, JCP wants all key pieces of information as outlined on the Instructions link provided above. We are recommending some basic text for this section that seems to address their requirements successfully. We suggest that you customize the following paragraph to match your particular business.

    " 1. We are a Prime Contractor. 2. We are not a subcontractor. 3. We are a manufacturer (or distributor). 4. We manufacture (or distribute) items related to NAICS XXXXXX (e.g.,332710 for a machine shop). 5. N/A since we are a manufacturer (otherwise provide CAGE Codes and names of your suppliers). 6. Our equipment is not related to the USML or CCL. 7. We are not registered with DDTC. 8. We do not have an Export Control License. 9. We wish to bid on DOD Solicitations with export controlled technical information packages. 10. We require access to DIBBS,our account number is (this is your CAGE Code plus user number, e.g.01, 02, etc.), The email address used to login to is (add you email address for 11. No point of contact at this time."

  2. Read Introduction to Proper Handling of DoD Export-Controlled Technical Data here.

    Print and sign the Certification Statement of Export Control Compliance form on page 15.

  3. DLA Export Control Technical Data Management Questionnaire – Download this form here, review it, respond to the five questions and print and sign the form. There is one particular question that deserves special attention. Question (2) asks if your company has NIST SP 800-171 assessment documented on SPRS. In order to be granted JCP, you must have this assessment posted on the government SPRS site and answer question (2) affirmatively.

    You may use our Assessment Tool to generate your NIST SP 800-171 assessment score and our Assessment Documenting instructions to document your assessment on SPRS.

  4. Supporting Documentation – just under the header on the form DD2345 it asks that you include documentation that will validate that you are a registered business located at the address you indicate on the DD2345. To satisfy this requirement copy any government issued registration for your business. Typically, a state business registration is sufficient. Be certain that the address matches what is on your CAGE code registration and your DD2345.

  5. Submit JCP Application – Fill in and sign the four forms (DD2345, Certification Statement of Export Control Compliance, DLA Export Control Technical Data Management Questionnaire, and Supporting Documentation) noted previously. Scan these documents to PDF format and prepare an e-mail with these attached as follows:

    Subject: JCP Technical Data Access Consideration
    Body: We require technical data access to submit DLA DIBBS quotes for JCP restricted solicitations. (Add company name and contact info)

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